Hielke Rast

Hielke Rast is an energetic, driven and professional event manager who combines experience,creativity and initiative in the right dose. For years Hielke has been a much sought-after eventprofessional in the higher segment of the market.Among his loyal clients, Hielke counts several high-end caterers, corporate event managers andorganizational agencies.

Characteristic for Hielke is his enormous knowledge with about the operational execution of events.Both at home and abroad, Hielke knows the ins and outs of event planning which lets his clients canfocus on what matters to them. In his senior role, he takes control and directs his team to ensure theevent runs smoothly

An extra bonus is Hielke’s sense of style, interior design and decoration. This gives him the addedvalue that distinguishes him in his field. All this, his unbridled dedication, integrity and sense ofhumour make Hielke a pleasant and unique person to work with.